Friday, June 06, 2008

"Scotty, I need more power!"

Ok...maybe I don't need more power I just need to know what I'm using.  That's always a pain in the butt.  Even with a degree in Electrical Engineering I don't get too excited about monitoring what each device uses for power but it really needs to be done if you wanna get an understanding over your overall consumption needs.

I found this little dealio on the web and bought one:


It's the Kill-A--WattEZ  power monitor.  What makes this gadget dope is that it will spit out all the normal stuff (volts, amps, etc.) but it also tells you Watts, VA, Power Factor and KWH.  If you drop in what your  pay rate is for electricity it will even calculate how much it costs per hour, day, week and year to keep a device running.  Good stuff.  Only limitation I've seen is that it's strictly a 120VAC device so big honking stuff you need to do the old fashioned way with a volt meter, calculator and cursing.

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