Friday, October 24, 2008

ProCurve 5412zl and ShoreTel

So we've got the ProCurve set up for the ShoreTel system and phones now.  Here is the code snippet from the ProCurve:

interface A1
   name "Phone and PC Office 100"
   power-over-ethernet high
interface A2
   name "Phone and PC Office 101"
   power-over-ethernet high
interface D7 
   name "ShoreTel Voicemail Server"
   no power-over-ethernet
interface D14
   name "ShoreTel 50"
   no power-over-ethernet
interface D15
  name "ShoreTel T1"
   no power-over-ethernet

vlan 14
   name "USER_VLAN14"
   untagged A1-A2
   ip address
vlan 19
   name "VOIP_Phone_VLAN"
   untagged D7, D14-D15 
   qos priority 7
   ip address
   tagged A1-A2 

qos udp-port 4102 priority 6
qos udp-port 1718 priority 6
qos udp-port 1719 priority 6
qos udp-port 1720 priority 6
qos udp-port 25 priority 6
qos udp-port 37 priority 6
qos udp-port 69 priority 6
qos udp-port 162 priority 6
qos udp-port 520 priority 6
qos udp-port 8089 priority 6
qos udp-port 8888 priority 6

You also need to configure your DHCP server so that when the phone boots up, it can determine the VOIP VLAN that you want to use.  To do this you need to set up the following DHCP options on your DHCP server in the untagged VLAN that the phones will first see when booting (VLAN 14 above):

042 = NTP Servers = NTP.Server.IP.Address1,  NTP.Server.IP.Address2
066 = Boot Server Host Name = ShoreTel Server IP address
067 = Bootfile Name = ShoreTel Server IP address

So far this ShoreTel stuff is pretty kick ass. I'm not regretting my decision at all.


Kevin Gavin said...


I'm VP of Marketing at ShoreTel and I love to read that you think ShoreTel is "pretty kick ass". You are in good company with lots of other ShoreTel fans. We're always trying to improve so let me know if you have any suggestions for how we can be better or if you want to join our Power User Group.

Kevin Gavin

Joseph Finley said...

I implemented a ShoreTel about 3-4 years ago with my phone guy and was so impressed with the phones and system we considered becoming a reseller.