Thursday, November 13, 2008

ShoreTel Server Backup



So I wrote a little script to backup the mysql database.  Here it is (with appreciation to the manuals and help I got from our Integrator):

rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

rem backupshoretel.bat
rem Author - Scott Rolf
rem Version - 1.0
rem Description - This script automatically backs up the shoretel mysql database
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

rem Create Archive folder if it does not exist
if exist c:\shoretelbackup goto Label1
echo creating shoretelbackup
md c:\shoretelbackup

rem Parse out the current date to a system variable
for /f "tokens= 1,2,3,4 delims=/ " %%I in ('date /t') do Call :MakeString %%J %%K %%L

rem Make new folder based on date in archive folder
md c:\shoretelbackup\%DateString%

rem Backup mysql
cd \Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin
mysqldump.exe --add-drop-table --routines --user=root --password=yourpass --database shoreware > c:\\shoretelBackup\%DateString%\ShoretelBackup.sql

goto :Cleanup

rem CLEANUP..dump dir of c:\shoretelbackup to a text file and delete old
set T=0
dir c:\shoretelbackup /b /o:-n > c:\scripts\edir.txt
for /F %%I in (c:\scripts\edir.txt) do Call :Killold %%I
goto END1

rem Function that set the environment variable DateString
Set DateString=%1%2%3
goto :EOF

:Killold - this subroutine kills logs older then 30 days
set /a T = 1+%T%
if %T% LEQ 30 goto :Killold_exit
rd /S /Q c:\shoretelbackup\%1
goto :EOF

goto :EOF
rem -------------------
rem End of Script
rem -------------------

Watch out for line breaks in this as a simple cut and paste may not work correctly.  I've scheduled it to run every morning and it only keeps the last 30 days worth of backups. Also change "yourpass" above to your mysql password. (The default password is in the manual.) 

Enjoy the scripty goodness...


Mark said...

I noticed you haven't posted any Shoretel info. As of late, but wondered if you have any Shoretel SQL backup scripts. I noticed in your 2008 script, you weren't stopping the Shoretel services first, and isn't stopping the services needed for a clean backup since MySQL doesn't have a built in VSS Writer?

I'm just learning about SQL, so I apologize if incorrect!


Mark said...

By the way... I have read almost all your Blog's tonight, and really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and findings with the open community! Great stuff and thanks again!