Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lenovo Thinkpad RANT

<Begin Rant>
Lenovo laptops require way too many complicated drivers.  We are adding the T400 to our supported models on our MDS server for automated builds and man...what a pain Thinkpads are.  Not only does it require like 25 separate installations (many of which are .exe's), most require a reboot and probably shouldn't be chained together with silent switches.  Plus, once you get them all up and running on an image, your processor gets dinged with a performance hit booting and shutting down.  Heck, there's more icons in my systray then there is illegitimate babies in the Palin family.


Note to Lenovo:   Please make it easier to use unattended installations with your drivers.  Good Lord what ever you do separate the driver from the handy dandy (and utterly useless) apps in the control panel. 
<End Rant>

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