Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Data Domain is the Bee’s Knees

Last year when I was budgeting for 2009 I decided to take a leap and move our online backups from regular disk storage (a SATABeast) over to a compressed and deduped device.  After looking at a few options (namely Exagrid and Data Domain) I chose Data Domain.  Basically because the landing zone concept of Exagrid gets under my skin.  So far I’ve been very impressed with the Data Domain system.  It’s behaving better then I had expected.  Here’s a graph of one of our sites and how well it is working:

So here we see that the raw backup (the red line) is about 15.6TB.  After compression (the blue line) the data takes up about 10.6TB.  After deduplication (the green line) it’s only 2.8TB.  As I’m replicating this across the country it sure makes life better.  So yes, I love my Data Domain system.

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Rolfsa said...

Oops. I was writing too fast. The blue line is the compression factor not the amount of data after compression. Subtle but important difference.