Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super Video conversion

Every once and awhile you hit a cool tool that you’ve seen before but forgotten completely.  I ran into Super today while researching video conversion tools and forgot about how useful this tool is.  Super is a video conversion program that will let you re-encode video files from one format to another.  I even like it better then…choke…sniff…VLC…for some conversions even though it’s not Open Source. :)  I ran into this tool a few years ago and it got me out of a tight spot and it’s even better now.  What I really like is it’s simplicity.  VLC tends to force you to learn all about audio and video codecs if you want to get power out of the tool.  Super allows you to pick an “output container” like mpg, wmv, etc. and if does all the hard work picking out the settings for you. It’s great for the video-challenged peeps like me.  Enjoy!


MarkManoukian said...

That's great. For those of us who really do want to continue with OSS Super still gives us an example to follow. If Super selects the right settings when encoding\converting and we are able to see what those settings are then maybe now I know what to do with VLC or other OSS tools.

Thanks Scott


HGH Los Angeles said...

Αn imρreѕsive shaгe! Ӏ've just forwarded this onto a friend who has been doing a little homework on this.