Friday, February 05, 2010

iptstate – Who you talkin’ to Willis?!?!

I was playing around with iptables today on some new boxen and found an old tool I had forgotten about.  iptstate is like top for iptables.  It’s a cool tool used to see who is connecting to your linux pc.  Here’s an example of the output (with the ip addresses and ports changed to protect the innocent!):

                          IPTables - State Top
Version: 1.4          Sort: SrcIP           s to change sorting
Source              Destination         Proto   State        TTL  tcp    TIME_WAIT    0:01:08  tcp    TIME_WAIT    0:00:56     tcp    ESTABLISHED  119:59:59    tcp    TIME_WAIT    0:00:00    tcp    ESTABLISHED  72:35:23    tcp    ESTABLISHED  6:56:27    tcp    ESTABLISHED  29:13:09   tcp    ESTABLISHED  15:41:32    tcp    ESTABLISHED  40:02:34


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