Thursday, August 12, 2010

Interesting Scheduling Tool

I ran into an online tool to help people schedule meetings. It’s called When Is Good.  It’s surprisingly simple and straightforward to use.  When you want to have a meeting with multiple people and are unaware of their schedules When is Good allows you to graphically pick blocks of time when you are free and then let everyone else choose from these times.  You can see from the responses if there are any overlapping times that would work for a meeting.  Not clear enough?!?! 


You see this:


Highlight the times you are free.  They see this:


After everyone chooses a good time you see this:


It can all be done through web links anonymously so that’s pretty cool as well.   The technique is a great idea and it stops a lot of the back and forth in group emails to get people on the same page.  Now…if only we could get the big vendors involved to build this into their products…..

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