Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soluto–Tracking login times

One of the common complaints we get about our customized computer image is the long boot up time.  In an effort to better understand what’s going on, I did some research and found an app called Soluto which does a great job of breaking down the boot time into a graphical representation of the process.  It’s very cool, easy to set up and free.  Running Soluto on our standard Windows 7 image yielded this analysis:


Ok…It’s a little hard to see here but trust me this thing is packed with information about the boot process.  It identifies many (in is in Beta after all) items and provides great detail into how much memory they take, how long they took to run, what exe and dll files were called and much more.  For the applications it knows about you also have the choice to pause or delay the loading of the item so that you can tune your boot process.  This tool is very helpful for us as we are working on a new standard image.  Definitely a tool to keep handy in your IT Toolbox.


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