Thursday, January 06, 2011

iPad apps for the Attorney

So I got an iPad last year. As skeptical as I am about gadgets…I gotta tell ya I love it!  My role in our Firm is to evaluate new technology so that the good stuff eventually ends up in the hands of our Attorney’s.  Once you get past the eye candy, what can an iPad really do for an Attorney?  Well, so far I’ve only found a few legal specific apps.  Here they are:



iJuror is a juror selection tool.  It keeps track of people during the jury selection process allowing you to keep track of their details and what you did/didn’t like about them.


iCle, made by the same people that make iJuror helps an Attorney keep track of their CLE credits.  This is a very basic app and seems more like a simple note taking replacement.



JuryTracker looks interesting. It replaces the sticky notes Attorney’s often user to keep track of Juror information at trial.  You can easily keep track of generic case data, each juror’s details like their chair position in court, their mood, etc.  There is even a timer built in to keep track of the time used in court by the Plaintiff and the Defendant.  Definitely worth a look…



TrialPad looks like it’s going to be really useful.  It’s a case preparation and presentation tool which looks to compete with tools like Trial Director and Sanction.  It certainly doesn’t have as much functionality at this point, but it will be interesting to see what happens as this tool matures.

Those are the main tools I’ve found so far for the legal profession.  There are tons of other tools on the fringe like PDF editors, document review tools and financial tools but I wanted to focus specifically on legal tools.  If you’ve found any others please hit me up in the comments and let me know.

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My review of TrialPad and Evidence (2 iPad apps for trial presentation) has just been published on AMLAW: