Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chromebook CR-48

Guess who got a Chromebook today?!  So far I really like it. I’m trying to get my stuff all “in the cloud” but it’s taking awhile to figure out the best way to move everything.

The great things about the notebook are:

  • it’s size – Nice and thin…could be lighter but not bad at all.  Perfect size for a “workable” machine.  They didn’t try an be an iPad clone and I appreciate that.
  • physical appearance – It’s one sexy beast.  Love the simplified keyboard and the fact that all the buttons look the same.
  • simplicity – This is more a comment about the OS, but it’s dead simple to use and figure out.
  • guest mode – Nice touch. I like that I can give it to anyone and they can mess with my stuff.
  • easy of use – Goes hand in hand with simplicity, but it’s worth commenting that they really went the extra mile to make it simple to use.
  • potential – This device is the future.  That’s clear to me now.
  • battery life – nuff said.  8+ hours and still cranking along

The things I’ve found that need improvement are:

  • remote connections – Gotta give me vnc, ssh and rdp. You just have too.  It’s not workable as a tool for me unless I can remotely control a “real” machine. 
  • Java, Javascript or something – Come on, this thing would be a powerhouse with a little client side intelligence.
  • Wireless signup with Verizon – I still haven’t been able to figure out how to sign up.  Guys…there money lying on the table…go get it.
  • More Apps – App store for chrome looks anemic
  • Mouse pad – works ok, but right click action with 2 fingers is difficult to pull off.
  • Google cloud printing is good, but needs improvement.  Need to find a way to set up a “shared” printer in a reception area so that guests can print easily to it over the web. That’s not easy with Google cloud printing.
  • Flash support – Just gotta have it.


So after my first 48 hours with it…that’s my view.

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Aaron said...

Chromebook Remote Access

Ok it's not perfect but you can use the teamviewer web client to access any desktop. It works... a touch buggy but in a pinch you can't beat it.