Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Get Computer Make & Model for BDD

If you use the BDD database or if you script the variables to pick up the appropriate /Drivers folder (which is blogged about all over and well worth the effort) you need to determine what BDD thinks the computer name and model are.  You can certainly start a BDD build and hack through the logs to get this info or you can run the following under an OS and let it tell you:

Open a Command Prompt
type "wmic"  at the command prompt
type "csproduct get vendor"  <- This will spit out the vendor name
type "csproduct get name"  <- This will spit out the machine name

Now, on my drivers share I have folders for each machine name (for example, a Lenovo T61 is 888901U) which contains all the drivers for that model.  Point to this in sysprep.inf and unattend.inf and it will make your life a lot easier. If I can find the link to the full description of this I'll post it.

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