Monday, May 12, 2008

Lenovo T61 Sysprep bluescreen fun

I hit a nasty error today sysprepin' a T61 Lenovo laptop.  Basically, one single line in the sysprep.inf screwed me.  The line was


Seems like this would use the whole disk for the image right?!?!?  Sounds like a good idea right?!?!?  Hey they document the setting right in the sysprep help file so it's gotta work right?!?!?!!?  Ah, no...but thank you for playing.

Basically, you sysprep the box on and on the first boot you get the "Windows XP" loading screen.  Then BAM...faster then a Brittany Spear's drug rehab visit it bluescreens with a 0x000000ED error.  Change that setting to 0 and it all works.  Details can be found here:


...where'd I put that damn Ubuntu DVD's........ :)

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