Monday, September 22, 2008

I love me some WireShark!

I put on a session at this year's ILTA on WireShark.  I got pretty good feedback and this month for the Open Source call-in I was asked to share some links to info on the net that I used for preparation of the talk.  He are a few of them:  - The main WireShark Page - The Wiki for WireShark - Some old presentations by Laura Chappell gave at past Novell events. - Laura Chappell's Blog - A Beginning Tutorial and Podcast on WireShark from Chris Sanders - Dated, but still relevant info on designing capture filters - Good general packet info site - VOIP and WireShark article - Nice little article on TAPS and Span Port use when sniffing - Sample Captures - Another site with sample captures - Even more sample captures (at the bottom of the page) - a nice networking blog

Have Fun!

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