Wednesday, February 04, 2009

WinSCP - The coolest ftp/sftp client out there

Ok...there's like a gazillion ftp clients out there.  WinSCP stands above all the rest. Why you ask?  Well...because:

* It's Open Source
* It supports SFTP (which you should really be using if you are hosting files..but that's another discussion) and SCP
* It can be batched (so it can be scheduled) and it can be run from the command line
* It integrates with Putty's Pageant for SSH authentication
* It can run from removable media
* It has an integrated text editor
* It does the best job of directory synchronization I've seen in any ftp client (manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic)
* It has a Windows Explorer interface or optionally a Norton Commander interface (for you old farts that remember the DOS days)
* Supports Drag&Drop in Windows
* It supports files over 4GB for sftp and ftp
* Supports walking through directories on a Linux server allowing you to chmod files and directories recursively

Enjoy the Open Source Goodness!!!


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