Monday, April 06, 2009

Portable Ubuntu for Windows

One of my beefs with VmWare on my main workstation is that it adds virtual networks and some services which slow and bloat the system even if I don't have a VM up and running.  Over the weekend I ran into a cool little...well I guess it's a distro...called Portable Ubuntu for Windows.   image  It loads as any other Windows app so when you close it, it's gone.   No footprint beyond the disk space it uses.  Plus, unlike a VM it docks a bar on your current desktop.  It's like having the VM act as an extension to your Windows environment.  Very cool.  You can access your local hard drive as /mnt/C so you can have all the Linux tools at your finger tips (grep, chron, sed, vi, etc...)  I've only used this for a day or two but it seems like it's going to be very helpful.  Oh yeah the root password is 123456.

Happy Ubuntuing!

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