Friday, April 03, 2009

Safe and Reliable DNS

If you haven't heard about OpenDNS and ScrubIT, you should really to take a look at them.  Both services are DNS servers on the Internet that will help protect you computer from connecting to known compromised hosts.new_logo1   In addition to that, you can set up the servers to block access to adult sites and run some basic content control.  I've been using ScrubIT at home on my kids computers for over a year now and it's been working great.  I'm wondering if it is still going to be available because the homepage is nothing more then a logo these days. OpenDNS on the other hand lets you have much greater control over content.  By setting up a free account you can list your IP addresses or even your dynamic DNS name and set a profile of settings to control what is and isn't available.  We switched over at work to OpenDNS to protect against viruses like conficker and since we did we've noticed that their DNS servers seem to respond quicker then the ones provided by our ISP.  The bonus is you even get some performance metrics showing your DNS use.

Happy surfing!!!

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