Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Filetransfer Appliance

Our Firm constantly gets requests to send large data files back and forth between clients.  Up until now, we’ve been using a mixture of email attachments and a locked down FTP site. imageFor a number of reasons that are too many to mention we needed a better way.  Lance from ILTA (thanks Lance) turned me on to a device from Allardsoft that takes this pain away.   The device isn’t completely Open Source, but it is based on Open Source tools.  The Filetransfer appliance contains a web server which can be used to post a file/files and address it to a user.  External users can only send files to internal users, but internal users can send files to anyone.  The recipient  of the email gets a single link that they use to retrieve the file.  All files are deleted automatically after a set time and user’s can’t see each others files.  The whole process is done behind SSL, secured by a certificate and is logged.  Very cool.  It looks like they are even working on a plug-in for Outlook.  That alone is worth the price of admission.  The appliance isn’t free, but even at it’s maximum unlimited users configuration it’s only $499.  If your email server if busting at the seems be sure to take a look.

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