Friday, June 05, 2009

More on SELinux

Yesterday I posted about some issues I had with SELinux after a kernel update to CentOS.  My post was commented on by Dan Walsh, a top notch security guy from Red Hat. I clicked on his name and found his blog which turned out to be a goldmine for me.  In reading his blog I found a link to the best resource I’ve seen on SELinux for a system admin.  It’s the Security-Enhanced Linux User Guide.  I read the whole thing in about 90 minutes and it provided some insight into SELinux that I’ve found nowhere else.  This is why I love Open Source and the Internet.  I’m sure if I posted a note about some feature in Windows I’d never hear back from anyone in the developer community at Microsoft about how to fix my problem.  Heck, I didn’t even post my note to a newsgroup…just my humble blog.  It’s great to see people so involved and interested in what they do that they go looking for issues just to help people and keep up to date on what others are saying.

Thanks Dan. I truly appreciate it.

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