Sunday, April 06, 2008

Packaging UltraVNC

So we use UltraVNC on all our desktops for remote support.  Being well intentioned IT folk, we want to force encryption...well just because.  So it turns out this is a pain in the rear to package.  Basically, the latest version of UltraVNC 1.02 requires a system variable be set if you want to use a key file named anything other then rc4.key.  So after a few hours of fighting is my procedure to package UltraVNC with Prism Deploy, our packaging tool:

  1. Perform a standard UltraVNC install.
  2. Add the system variable msrc4pluginkey and set it equal to the path of the custom key file (i.e. c:\program files\ultravnc\mykey.key) I did this for both user and system variables because in  user mode it seems to use the user variable.
  3. Copy mykey.key to c:\program files\ultravnc
  4. Copy msrc3plugin4_noreg.dsm to c:\program files\ultravnc
  5. Setup mslogin 2 and the default password
  6. Install hook driver
  7. Install service
  8. Start service
  9. Install service helper

Well anyhow, that's what worked for me. 

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