Wednesday, April 02, 2008


For those of you looking to remotely support users on over the web, this is a handy open source tool that gets the job done.  I'm not talking about the familiar VNC where the client needs to be preloaded either.  This tool is a mini-executable that downloads an extremely thin client with very little effort that connects back to you, running as a VNC server.  When the session is done, the client removes itself so there is no permanent footprint left.  So far, I've only seen this as a Windows tool.  The main website for Ultravnc SC is here.  I have a post on our main webpage at work called PC Support.  We direct users to it to pull down the client.  After the client loads, they simply double click on the name of the person on my staff that they want to remotely control their machine.  It's all driven by an ini file setup.  You feed that file and a few others in a zip file to a web app at Ultravnc's site and it returns a compiled, custom version for you to use. I was a little leary about the whole "let us create the .exe for you" part, but I can say I've had no issues in the last 3 years that we have been using it.  Definitely good stuff and in my Top Ten favorite Open Source apps.

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Eugene Goldman said...

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