Monday, July 27, 2009

Open Source Based Penetration Testing

I did some work this weekend involving some penetration testing. I used a LiveCD called BackTrak (which is Ubuntu based).   It comes loaded with a ton of tools and really makes it easy to do some pretty intensive testing.   I won’t got into the details on what all I tested, but suffice it to say this will be added to my “must have” live CD collection which include:

  • Knoppix – pretty much the standard in LiveCD’s
  • Damn Small Linux – used for quick access to stuff while on other people’s systems
  • pfsense – Built in sniffer makes this a really easy remote tool to use for grabbing traces. 
  • gparted live– Used for partition management
  • SystemRescueCD – Great little system rescue tool
  • Darik’s Boot –n- Nuke – Easily erase hard drives
  • SMART – Data forensics (Used to love Helix but now you gotta pay for it. )
  • CloneZilla – Disk cloning at it’s best.

How ‘bout you?  Got Tools?  What’s your fav?

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