Friday, July 17, 2009

Open Source Forensics

I used to really like the Helix package for forensic purposes.  image Unfortunately, they are now charging for that software so I’ve had to look for alternatives.   So far I’ve found two:  PlainSight and SMART.  I’ve played with SMART in the past and liked it a lot, but it didn’t have all the features of Helix.    PlainSight looks decent too, but not quite where I’d like it to be.  I guess we just gotta wait a bit longer to find a decent replacement.  Have you found any Open Source forensic tools you like better?  Hit me up in the comments…



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MarkManoukian said...

Apparently Helix took so much heat on their new fee structure that they reversed their decision. It is "free" software again, and includes significant improvements.