Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orange JeOS is pretty cool

So I found a new distro that’s pretty cool….Orange JeOS.  This distro based on the mantra “Just Enough Operating System” and it is a streamlined version of CentOS.   It’s released as a scripted build (not as an ISO) from the site, but being the lazy bastard that I am, I did find a site that performed all the heavy lifting for me. oj_logo They release a few different ISO’s based on your intended hardware.  There’s even a version with a GUI, but that kinda defeats the purpose in my view.  What I wanted this for was to be able to build a small syslog server without a lot of overhead.  I tried the VMWare appliance called SyslogAppliance but the damn thing was like 64GB in size.  So much for an appliance…

Anyhoo, I was able to load the core install on an old Toshiba Salellite Pro 4600 for testing.  From here I downloaded the VMWare version and put it on ESXi.  That took some work because it’s built on VMServer so I had to download the stand alone converter from VMWare and then convert it over.  When I first booted up it failed to mount the disk.  I took a shot in the dark and increased the size of the virtual disk and then it all worked ok.  So far so good.

So if you’re really interested on what’s installed by default…running a “yum list installed” on the base build  (oj-1.8.7-11.iso) yields:

MAKEDEV.i386                             3.23-1.2               installed      
SysVinit.i386                            2.86-14                installed      
atk.i386                                 1.12.2-1.fc6           installed      
audit-libs.i386                          1.6.5-9.el5            installed      
audit-libs-python.i386                   1.6.5-9.el5            installed      
authconfig.i386                          5.3.21-3.el5           installed      
basesystem.noarch                        8.0-5.1.1.el5.centos   installed      
bash.i386                                3.2-21.el5             installed      
beecrypt.i386                            4.1.2-10.1.1           installed      
binutils.i386                        installed      
bzip2.i386                               1.0.3-4.el5_2          installed      
bzip2-libs.i386                          1.0.3-4.el5_2          installed      
cairo.i386                               1.2.4-5.el5            installed      
centos-release.i386                      10:5-2.el5.centos      installed      
centos-release-notes.i386                5.2-2                  installed      
checkpolicy.i386                         1.33.1-4.el5           installed      
chkconfig.i386                              installed      
coreutils.i386                           5.97-14.el5            installed      
cpio.i386                                2.6-20                 installed      
cracklib.i386                            2.8.9-3.3              installed      
cracklib-dicts.i386                      2.8.9-3.3              installed      
cryptsetup-luks.i386                     1.0.3-2.2.el5          installed      
cups-libs.i386                           1:1.2.4-11.18.el5_2.3  installed      
curl.i386                                7.15.5-2.el5           installed      
cyrus-sasl-lib.i386                      2.1.22-4               installed      
db4.i386                                 4.3.29-9.fc6           installed      
dbus.i386                                1.0.0-7.el5_2.1        installed      
dbus-glib.i386                           0.70-5                 installed      
device-mapper.i386                       1.02.24-1.el5          installed      
device-mapper-event.i386                 1.02.24-1.el5          installed      
device-mapper-multipath.i386             0.4.7-17.el5           installed      
diffutils.i386                           2.8.1-15.2.3.el5       installed      
dmidecode.i386                           1:2.7-1.28.2.el5       installed      
dmraid.i386                              1.0.0.rc13-15.el5_2.1  installed      
e2fsprogs.i386                           1.39-15.el5            installed      
e2fsprogs-libs.i386                      1.39-15.el5            installed      
ed.i386                                  0.2-39.el5_2           installed      
elfutils-libelf.i386                     0.125-3.el5            installed      
ethtool.i386                             5-1.el5                installed      
expat.i386                               1.95.8-8.2.1           installed      
file.i386                                4.17-13                installed      
filesystem.i386                          2.4.0-1.el5.centos     installed      
findutils.i386                           1:4.2.27-4.1           installed      
fontconfig.i386                          2.4.1-7.el5            installed      
freetype.i386                            2.2.1-20.el5_2         installed      
gawk.i386                                3.1.5-14.el5           installed      
gdbm.i386                                1.8.0-26.2.1           installed      
glib2.i386                               2.12.3-2.fc6           installed      
glibc.i686                               2.5-24.el5_2.2         installed      
glibc-common.i386                        2.5-24.el5_2.2         installed      
gnupg.i386                               1.4.5-13               installed      
gnutls.i386                              1.4.1-3.el5_2.1        installed      
grep.i386                                2.5.1-54.2.el5         installed      
grub.i386                                0.97-13.2              installed      
gtk2.i386                                2.10.4-20.el5          installed      
gzip.i386                                1.3.5-10.el5.centos    installed      
hal.i386                                installed      
hdparm.i386                              6.6-2                  installed      
hicolor-icon-theme.noarch                0.9-2.1                installed      
hwdata.noarch                            0.213.6-1.el5          installed      
info.i386                                4.8-14.el5             installed      
initscripts.i386                installed      
iproute.i386                             2.6.18-7.el5           installed      
iptables.i386                            1.3.5-4.el5            installed      
iptables-ipv6.i386                       1.3.5-4.el5            installed      
iputils.i386                             20020927-43.el5        installed      
kbd.i386                                 1.12-20.el5            installed      
kernel.i686                              2.6.18-92.1.22.el5     installed      
kernel.i686                              2.6.18-92.1.13.el5     installed      
keyutils-libs.i386                       1.2-1.el5              installed      
kpartx.i386                              0.4.7-17.el5           installed      
krb5-libs.i386                           1.6.1-25.el5_2.2       installed      
kudzu.i386                               installed      
less.i386                                394-5.el5              installed      
libX11.i386                              1.0.3-9.el5            installed      
libXau.i386                              1.0.1-3.1              installed      
libXcursor.i386                          1.1.7-1.1              installed      
libXdmcp.i386                            1.0.1-2.1              installed      
libXext.i386                             1.0.1-2.1              installed      
libXfixes.i386                           4.0.1-2.1              installed      
libXfont.i386                            1.2.2-1.0.3.el5_1      installed      
libXft.i386                              2.1.10-1.1             installed      
libXi.i386                               1.0.1-3.1              installed      
libXinerama.i386                         1.0.1-2.1              installed      
libXrandr.i386                           1.1.1-3.1              installed      
libXrender.i386                          0.9.1-3.1              installed      
libacl.i386                              2.2.39-3.el5           installed      
libattr.i386                             2.4.32-1.1             installed      
libcap.i386                              1.10-26                installed      
libfontenc.i386                          1.0.2-2.2.el5          installed      
libgcc.i386                              4.1.2-42.el5           installed      
libgcrypt.i386                           1.2.3-1                installed      
libglade2.i386                           2.6.0-2                installed      
libgpg-error.i386                        1.4-2                  installed      
libhugetlbfs.i386                        1.2-5.el5              installed      
libidn.i386                              0.6.5-1.1              installed      
libjpeg.i386                             6b-37                  installed      
libpng.i386                              2:1.2.10-7.1.el5_0.1   installed      
libselinux.i386                          1.33.4-5.el5           installed      
libselinux-python.i386                   1.33.4-5.el5           installed      
libsemanage.i386                         1.9.1-3.el5            installed      
libsepol.i386                            1.15.2-1.el5           installed      
libstdc++.i386                           4.1.2-42.el5           installed      
libsysfs.i386                            2.0.0-6                installed      
libtermcap.i386                          2.0.8-46.1             installed      
libtiff.i386                             3.8.2-7.el5_2.2        installed      
libusb.i386                              0.1.12-5.1             installed      
libuser.i386                             0.54.7-2.el5.5         installed      
libvolume_id.i386                        095-14.16.el5          installed      
libxml2.i386                             2.6.26-         installed      
libxml2-python.i386                      2.6.26-         installed      
lockdev.i386                             1.0.1-10               installed      
lvm2.i386                                2.02.32-4.el5_2.1      installed      
m2crypto.i386                            0.16-6.el5.2           installed      
mingetty.i386                            1.07-5.2.2             installed      
mkinitrd.i386                              installed      
mktemp.i386                              3:1.5-23.2.2           installed      
module-init-tools.i386                   3.3-0.pre3.1.37.el5    installed      
nash.i386                                  installed      
ncurses.i386                             5.5-24.20060715        installed      
net-tools.i386                           1.60-78.el5            installed      
newt.i386                                0.52.2-10.el5          installed      
nsa_lockdown.noarch                      1.0-3                  installed      
nspr.i386                                4.7.3-2.el5            installed      
nss.i386                         installed      
oj-postinstall.noarch                    1.0-2                  installed      
openldap.i386                            2.3.27-8.el5_2.4       installed      
openssh.i386                             4.3p2-26.el5_2.1       installed      
openssh-server.i386                      4.3p2-26.el5_2.1       installed      
openssl.i686                             0.9.8b-10.el5_2.1      installed      
pam.i386                             installed      
pango.i386                               1.14.9-3.el5.centos    installed      
passwd.i386                              0.73-1                 installed      
pciutils.i386                            2.2.3-5                installed      
pcre.i386                                6.6-2.el5_1.7          installed      
pm-utils.i386                            0.99.3-6.el5.centos.19 installed      
policycoreutils.i386                     1.33.12-14.el5         installed      
popt.i386                                1.10.2-48.el5          installed      
prelink.i386                             0.3.9-2.1              installed      
procps.i386                              3.2.7-9.el5            installed      
psmisc.i386                              22.2-6                 installed      
pycairo.i386                             1.2.0-1.1              installed      
pygobject2.i386                          2.12.1-5.el5           installed      
pygtk2.i386                              2.10.1-12.el5          installed      
pygtk2-libglade.i386                     2.10.1-12.el5          installed      
python.i386                              2.4.3-21.el5           installed      
python-elementtree.i386                  1.2.6-5                installed      
python-iniparse.noarch                   0.2.3-4.el5            installed      
python-numeric.i386                      23.7-2.2.2             installed      
python-sqlite.i386                       1.1.7-1.2.1            installed      
python-urlgrabber.noarch                 3.1.0-2                installed      
readline.i386                            5.1-1.1                installed      
redhat-logos.noarch                      4.9.99-8.el5.centos    installed      
rhpl.i386                                0.194.1-1              installed      
rootfiles.noarch                         8.1-1.1.1              installed      
rpm.i386                                 4.4.2-48.el5           installed      
rpm-libs.i386                            4.4.2-48.el5           installed      
rpm-python.i386                          4.4.2-48.el5           installed      
sed.i386                                 4.1.5-5.fc6            installed      
selinux-policy.noarch                    2.4.6-137.1.el5        installed      
selinux-policy-targeted.noarch           2.4.6-137.1.el5        installed      
setools.i386                             3.0-3.el5              installed      
setserial.i386                           2.17-19.2.2            installed      
setup.noarch                             2.5.58-1.el5           installed      
shadow-utils.i386                        2:4.0.17-13.el5        installed      
slang.i386                               2.0.6-4.el5            installed      
sqlite.i386                              3.3.6-2                installed      
sudo.i386                                1.6.8p12-12.el5        installed      
sysklogd.i386                            1.4.1-44.el5           installed      
tar.i386                                 2:1.15.1-23.0.1.el5    installed      
tcl.i386                                 8.4.13-3.fc6           installed      
tcp_wrappers.i386                        7.6-40.4.el5           installed      
termcap.noarch                           1:5.5-1.20060701.1     installed      
tzdata.noarch                            2008i-1.el5            installed      
udev.i386                                095-14.16.el5          installed      
usermode.i386                            1.88-3.el5.1           installed      
util-linux.i386                          2.13-0.47.el5          installed      
vim-minimal.i386                         2:7.0.109-4.el5_2.4z   installed      
vixie-cron.i386                          4:4.1-72.el5           installed      
wget.i386                                1.10.2-7.el5           installed      
wireless-tools.i386                      1:28-2.el5             installed      
xorg-x11-filesystem.noarch               7.1-2.fc6              installed      
yum.noarch                               3.2.8-9.el5.centos.2.1 installed      
yum-fastestmirror.noarch                 1.1.10-9.el5.centos    installed      
yum-metadata-parser.i386                 1.1.2-2.el5            installed      
zlib.i386                                1.2.3-3                installed

More on this later as I continue to build my Open Source Security setup with PFSense, rsyslog, phplogcon, OpenVPN and ESXi.  (It’d be Xen if I that the time…really…)

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