Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Sites Packed Full of Goodies

Time after time I use two sites in my daily work for a multitude of tools.  These to sites are SysInternals (now a Microsoft site) and NirSoftSysInternals is well known by many Windoze folks for it's tools FileMon and RegMon which let you see exactly what files and registry keys a program is accessing.   However there are many tools on this site that are useful for troubleshootingimage Windoze issues.  NirSoft has  a collection of password recovery tools, network monitoring tools, web browser tools, Video/Audio tools, IP tools, programmer's tools, system utilities, command line tools, desktop tools and much more.  Trying to talk about each one of the tools could take days.  Tell ya what...go investigate the sites for yourself and enjoy the free goodness.

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